IKEA MAGNARP lamp gets a glam makeover

IKEA MAGNARP table lamp hack replace lampshade

IKEA MAGNARP lamp shade makeover

The MAGNARP lamp has to be one of IKEA’s best bargains. For $12, you get a decent quality, compact table lamp which includes both the base as well as a simple paper shade. The trouble is, because of its ubiquity, its instantly recognizable as an IKEA piece.

Here’s a way you can customize your MAGNARP to suit your own style.

IKEA items used:

  • MAGNARP table lamp

Other items used:

  • Spray paint
  • Adhesive styrene
  • Fabric
  • Embellishments (for shade – optional)


Cut away the ricepaper shade from the Magnarp, leaving the square rings exposed.


Iron your fabric well. Peel back the backing of the adhesive (pressure-sensitive) styrene sheet to expose the sticky backing. Press the styrene onto the wrong side of the fabric, using a smoothing motion.


Trim the fabric, leaving 1/2″ exposed on all sides except for one of the short sides, which should be trimmed flush with the styrene sheet.


Using the glue included in the kit, secure the overhanging fabric on the other short side to the styrene. This will create a nice smooth ‘seam’ on the finished shade.


Using the binder clips, form the styrene & fabric into a cylinder and secure the top and bottom rings inside using the binder clips.


To secure the rings to the shade, we’ll create a neat, rolled-edge finish. Working in sections, paint on some glue to a portion of fabric using an old paintbrush. Fold the fabric over the ring, then use the molding stick to push the fabric up & under the ring.


Embellishments can be attached before or after forming the finished lampshade. I used small metallic studs with my black lampshade for a glam look!


Use your choice of spray paint to paint your lamp base. Cover the cord and socket with painter’s tape to avoid over-spray. For longevity, you may choose to first prime the lamp with a layer of metal spray paint primer. Allow to dry before attaching the finished shade.


The finished lamp!

IKEA MAGNARP table lamp hack replace lampshade

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