STUVA Desk Hack with faux concrete tabletop

stuva desk hack

Materials: STUVA cabinets and legs, doors

We just added a little over 300 square feet to our house, which included a home office! We needed to furnish the room, and I loved the idea of a wall to wall desk. Finding an affordable option was difficult though. I’ve always loved the modern look of the STUVA cabinets, and I love that they are meant for kids (which means they are sturdy and have hinges great for little fingers!) I thought they’d look perfect in my modern/industrial looking office space!

I bought three STUVA base cabinets with doors and the 12 IKEA legs for the base. I assembled the pieces as Ikea suggested. The only difference was that I used the white legs with the grey bases that came with the cabinets, rather than the colored bases that came with the legs. Then I made a faux concrete tabletop to place a top it.

I started with a 3/4 inch 8 ft board of plywood that I had the hardware store cut it so that it was 21.5 inches deep. I used a jigsaw to cut out holes for cords. Then I used feather finish to cover the plywood, giving it a concrete tabletop look. I placed it atop the STUVA bases.

small desk2

For more details and pictures, you can can see my step by step on my blog here.