BRIMNES too basic? Here’s how to add a headboard, lights and side tables

I wanted a new look for my IKEA Brimnes bed.

I bought a Perfekt Sofielund cover panel (217cm 86″) for 2 euros! You can do this with all kind of cover.

I also bought a LED strip.

I have also two Billy shelves from a Billy bookcases.

And you need some wood/screw to fix all together.

First step : Fix the panel to the bed

BRIMNES headboard

Step 2 : Fix the LED strips

20150407_192729 20150407_192746 20150407_192805

Step 3 : Find two shelves (here Billy shelves) and prepared them.



Step 4 : Fix them onto the bed.

20150407_193809 20150407_193819

Step 5 : Find a way for the cables to pass through safely


Step 6 : Enjoy the result !




BRIMNES headboard