Built-in storage and cat litter for an optimized entrance

Hello guys !

I’ve been reading IkeaHackers since a very long time, but I never had the real opportunity to share anything with you.

If, like me, you have a very small apartment, you are certainly trying to optimize every square metre. When I bought mine two years ago, I had just enough money to redo my tiny bathroom and kitchen (which by the way you can discover on my blog (link no longer available)).

But I had this weird space in my entrance, which I could not organize. Temporarily, I used an old chest of drawers there (see pictures below), then I added on top of it a mini-fridge and a coffee machine, plus stored above all of that was the litter for my cat.

And here is how it was before (even before I had the fridge and all the stuff on the top of it… )



Furthermore, the cat litter was the first thing visible when coming into the flat, and I did not really like that.

So for months, I dreamt of having a built-in cupboard done by a professionnal, to hide the cat litter, the fridge, the broom… of course this was really too expensive. Last month, I finally had the energy to start making it myself.

Here is the final result :

Built-in storage and cat litter

And here is what you see when you enter the flat : no more litter !


Here is what I used for this hack

IKEA Stuff :

> 1 METOD high cabinet for oven 140x60x60

> 2 kitchen doors HAGGEBY 60×60

> 1 FORVARA drawer, low

> 1 HAGGEBY drawer front, 20×60

> LANSA Handles : 3 small and 1 larger for the broom cupboard (not visible on pictures)


> MDF 18 mm and 15mm thick which I cut myself to the right sizes

> one large piano type hinge which I cut into two halves for the broom cupboard

> two magnetic door stops (I don’t know the correct name : something to keep the door closed)

> some caulk, sand paper, primer and white paint (I learned later I should have used solvent based primer for a better finish for MDF, and put caulk on the edges too… next time i’ll think about it !)


I cut a hole for the cat and protected the cabinet with oilcloth.


The broom cupboard has its own baseboard. I cut the side of the Ikea cabinet and MDF to get the cable across.



Here you can see how I put some more storage inside the base cupboard.

I’m really happy of the result and now I could do it again 🙂

Please tell me what you think about it !