Perfect diaper changing solutions for small bathrooms!

I have a small bathroom but also two small kids, so a lot of diapers need to be changed on a limited amount of space.
Luckily there is always the possibility of changing an already brilliant IKEA furniture into an even better hacked version 🙂
And this hack is not only a super solution in small spaces– it is also super easy!

I bought a NORBO wall-mounted drop-leaf table for €29.99 and simply reversed the hinges so instead of dropping down it now hangs upwards on the wall. This means that it can hang over the toilet to make use of every inch of a small bathroom with no floor space available.

The first picture is from IKEA’s website to show how it is intended to be used and the following pictures are from my bathroom.
I haven’t painted it – yet –  but that would be the natural next step to freshen it up a bit 🙂


diaper changing solutions for small bathrooms

diaper changing table for small bathrooms