Easy Planters from FNISS Trash Baskets

Hello, Hackers!  I’ve been reading for a long time and was finally inspired to hack something.

While waiting in line to pay yesterday, I noticed the FNISS Trash Baskets on display.  At 11″ tall and $1.99 each, I thought they’d make perfect tomato planters. This project was so fast that I didn’t get pictures of the step by step, but it’s an easy hack that takes mere minutes and is very low cost. Enjoy!

Easy Planters from FNISS Trash Baskets | IKEA Hackers


  • FNISS Trash Baskets from IKEA
  • Drill
  • Small drill bit (I used something around 9/32″, I think.  Size isn’t important as long as it’s fairly small gauge.)


  • Drill 4-6 holes in the bottom of the trash basket for drainage.
  • Fill with dirt and add your plant.


  • Go slow and be careful when you drill the drainage holes, because you can crack the plastic. Drill away from any markings in the plastic, as I noticed it tends to crack more in those areas. (Of the three I did, 1 cracked a little, 1 cracked a lot, and 1 didn’t crack at all. The one that cracked a lot got some duct tape on both the inside and outside over the largest crack and seems to be holding up just fine.)
  • To add more drainage and save on filler, you can add small rocks to the bottom before adding soil.
  • The FNISS trash baskets I purchased in-store are clear. I noticed online they are only pictured in white and black, apologies for any confusion that might cause.
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