IKEA LACK HACK – From coffee table to the perfect bedside table!

IKEA LACK hack coffee table to the perfect bedside table

For over five years, we’ve been using the IKEA LACK coffee tables as nightstands on each side of the bed. This has not been very convenient as coffee tables are meant to be a lot shorter than bedside tables. I managed to extend their height and convert them into some elegant and functional bedside tables!

All I had to do was to buy one more IKEA LACK coffee table and use the tabletop -which I cut- as an additional shelf on top of my existing coffee table. Out of the new package, I also used two legs -which I also cut- to hold my new shelf on the back and added two corbels with a stylish detail as front legs.


I used a very strong glue (5-minute Epoxy) to attach these new additions on my existing coffee table. Then I applied a coat of primer and three coats of rich black paint. It turned out so beautiful that I made a second one for the other side of the bed!


All the story and step-by-step instructions are on my blog here.

Thank you!

~ Angelica