The Twin Towers of Kallax

KALLAX desk hack | IKEA Hackers

I spent far too long deliberating on how I could build a bespoke desk with a hutch that would fit my unusually sized study. After looking at corner desks or commercial desk companies I was unconvinced on both the aesthetics and practical storage from either of these options. I stumbled across IKEA Hackers and found the versatility of the Kallax unit all too appealing. Using SketchUp and the in-built warehouse, I rapidly imported all the KALLAX range and customised a desk to match the room.

KALLAX desk hack | IKEA Hackers


  • 2 x KALLAX (2×2)
  • 2 X KALLAX (2×4)
  • 1 X LIMNON desktop (cut to desired width)
  • 3 X 16mm thick melamine shelves (from your local Bunnings or equivalent)
  • Lots of brackets / screws etc to tie it all together
  • As many KALLAX inserts as you desire.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with both the ease, cost and aesthetics of the finished product.