Wardrobe for long jackets and coats from IVAR

We love IVAR system. It was with us in our little flat and it is with us in our big house too. We could adjust it easily, when our life changed and needed more space to store or even divide our living room for two little rooms. And when we needed, we could buy more parts relatively cheap to develop its extension.

The only problem we had using this system was, that it has not big parts to store for example jackets, suits or anything we wanted to hang. The biggest cabinet is less than one metre (3′) high.

So I decided to hack the system with some additional IKEA and other wood products.

DIY Tall IVAR wardrobe | IKEA Hackers

First I needed a skeleton for the wardrobe. It was not a big problem, because the system has those ladder elements to hold all things together. I used two pieces of the 50 centimeters deep and 226 centimeters high IVAR ladder (side units) and connect them with those shelf elements which are 83×50 centimetres.

I had a wardrobe skeleton and I only needed doors to close them. In a “do it yourself” store I found doors made of pine with dimensions 40×200 centimetres. It was 26 centimetres less, than the height of the IVAR side unit, so I put a pull out trolley from the IVAR system in the bottom of it and closed it with a shelf.

DIY Tall IVAR wardrobe | IKEA Hackers

For holding the doors I used pieces cut from an another IVAR side unit.

Now I had a wardrobe, but it had no cover on the sides.

I had some wainscot at home and I realized, that 5 of them put together are exactly 42 centimeters wide and they can cover the sides of the wardrobe.

DIY Tall IVAR wardrobe | IKEA Hackers

All things put together look like this:

DIY Tall IVAR wardrobe | IKEA Hackers

DIY Tall IVAR wardrobe | IKEA Hackers

I hope you like it.

To be continued…