Simple LACK nightstand

lack nightstand

Simple LACK nightstand

I love IKEA hacksIKEA is a store with chic and customizable pieces, that you can customize even further if wanted. Take a nightstand for example. Why buy a nightstand if you could make this innovative nightstand easily with two of IKEA’s 11 3/4″ by 10 1/4″ white floating shelves (from the “LACK” collection) for only  $13.98 ($6.99 each)!

This hack has a nice surface for things such as your alarm clock, or a small lamp, or a frame. A few inches down from the bottom of the first shelf is the surface of a second shelf, a useful slot to hold books, notebooks, or other things needed  for easy access. Underneath the nightstand is a gap between the bottom of the second shelf and the floor for a basket to store larger items.

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