Children’s SPRUTT Reading Nook

Sprutt baskets

I’m excited to share this simple idea with you all.

After the birth of my now 5 month old baby, I uncovered a desire to read to him. I started a collection of books with sentimental value that were also beautiful to look at. I felt they should be on display like pieces of art and I needed a quiet sanctuary to enjoy them with my son. I simply combined just 3 IKEA items:

SPRUTT towel holder

sprutt towel holder

SPRUTT baskets

SPRUTT baskets

And for a bit of pizzazz,

SARDAL fairy lights

IKEA SARDAL fairy lights

And voila!

IKEA SPRUTT reading nook Sprutt baskets for books Children's reading nook

Oh, I forgot to mention I have a SUNDVIK cot as well! The ladder takes up next to no space and I think it looks great. The baskets are deep and I could use them to also display toys if there was a need.

Important safety point: This project is not complete until the ladder is fixed to the wall (there are wall fasteners included but I want to use some big brass hooks) and I will also drill the baskets into each ladder rung on a hinge so they cannot be pulled down.

Afterthought! The original look I was going for was a series of “see-through” shelves that I trawled the internet for hours to find but were ridiculously expensive. I have since discovered the KOMPLEMENT drawer with glass front (see below) and by simply removing the back of the drawer and securing to the wall, this would be a perfect way to display books, ornaments or photos. This will definitely be my next IKEA project….along with a full kitchen in 2016! 😀

KOMPLEMENT Drawer with glass front IKEA 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

I hope you like my ideas (this is my first post) and I look forward to sharing more and being inspired by others in the hacker community!

~ Hilary C