Fix or replace ruined Akurum Door?

AKURUM ADEL medium brown
Photo: skinnyinminn

Yesterday, my dog chewed one of my Akurum cabinet drawer fronts. Ikea does not sell them any more.

I went to the local Ikea and asked about getting one. They don’t sell them. I asked about the 25 year warranty. They said if it failed they would “find” me one. So they’ll find one for free if it fails, but not sell me one if it gets damaged. They really know how to lose customers.

I bought my kitchen when it had been announced that Akurum was being phased out, but due to time constraints, I could not wait for the new line. The way it was explained to me, parts would be available.

I think my first try will be to refinish the drawer front. It is Adel medium brown. Does anyone know of a stain that’s a good match? Also, any tips on refinishing these types of doors?

I’ve tried to upload a picture of the damage, but it keeps telling me the file is empty.

My next option is to buy Grimslov doors and convert the drawer cabinet to one with hinged doors.

Another option would be to attach the doors to the lower drawer , then somehow shorten the middle and upper drawers to fit inside. Or eliminate the middle drawer and use it as a pull-out for recycling.



Found this on eBay. Hope it’s the right size. ~ Jules