The 12 IKEA Services Depicted in Visuals

12 Ikea services people are not aware of


The 12 IKEA Services I was Not Aware OF:

Without the shadow of a doubt, IKEA is certainly among the most popular furniture retailers in the world (thanks to as well). Recently I did this graphic project for a small London handyman company and it opened my eyes for a handful of Ikea services I literally had no idea existed in the first place!

Here’s a quote from the official website, that clearly states the company attitude and message:

“Shopping with IKEA always saves us money and it can also save you time and effort. We offer a range of services to help you with everything from putting it together to getting it home. Of course, the more you do yourself, the lower the price will be. And the more we do for you, the more you can sit back and relax!”

I have tried to depict these Ikea services in a simple and easy to understand way vie 12 simple collages:

#1. IKEA collection – Pick up & Delivery

We all know what it takes to actually get to Ikea, get in Ikea, find the item you desire, pay for it and get out of Ikea. For lazy people like me, the flat pack giant has a collection and delivery service. You simply submit your purchase list and it is set for delivery.

#2. Home delivery – Same day and Next day Delivery

In case you’re in a rush and you need your flat pack furniture delivered and assembled ASAP, the company has an express service to offer, both for same day and next day orders.


#3. Hire a Van

In case the pick and delivery option is okay with you, but you lack the right vehicle for all those new flat packs on your mind – Ikea has it covered. Hire a van and drive your new furnishing home by yourself!


#4. Old Furniture, Re-usage and Charity

Any old piece of furniture you wish to dispose of could be donated to a family in need of support!

Old furniture is recycled

#5. The Ikea Assembly Service

We all know how nerve-consuming a flat pack assemblage might be. Leave the hassle and effort to professional assemblers and enjoy the sunshine.


#6. Kitchen Planning

You want to build the kitchen set of your dreams? But you’re in need of professional assistance? The Kitchen planning services will surely get you through.


#7. Kitchen & Bathroom Installation

Pipes and gas lines can be tricky and if not experienced enough, you really should not try to do those yourself. Fitting sinks, taps, worktops and appliances the wrong way could potentially result in an unpleasant experience. 

kitchen and bathroom installation

#8. Curtain making and Alteration service

Sewing quality bespoke curtains or blinds is surely not a DIY project for the average beginner. I myself have made a number of DIY curtain improvisations, but in case you want the class A custom result, Ikea has once again got it covered.


#9. Finance Services

Paying all up front is often the last case scenario.


#10. Buy a Roof Rack!

This is my personal favorite! Honestly, I can’t wait to check if we have it in Croydon. Delivery will surely never be the same for me!


#11. Electronic Equipment and Recycling

Ikea is on a pathway to reduce as much as electronic waste as possible.


#12. Take Goods Home Today!

As a matter of fact, this is not really a service, but I bet only a handful of people will disagree about how awesome those bags are, not to mention the gazillion hacks.

The famous Ikea Bag

How many were you familiar with? I bet the number was no greater than 5! Please do share within comments, I am peculiar to find out.

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12 Ikea Services People Don’t Know About

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