DIY the Ultimate Gaming Cockpit Boss Chair

Marcus built this DIY gaming cockpit by hacking IKEA furniture to house a dual-PC gaming rig. With this setup, he toggles between two machines while rendering and editing video, and of course, gaming.

The use of a full home theater style swivel recliner and benches measured to suit makes it comfortable enough to write, edit or animate comfortably for 6-8 hrs without a break.

Gaming Workstation

What You Need for a Gaming Cockpit:

Two IKEA Glivarp extendable glass tables to create the cockpit enclosure, a cube to house the entire mobile workstation.

An IKEA Timsfors swivel recliner. Not the regular kind of gaming or desk chair, but it has what it takes to be a comfy gaming chair. The recliner supports your body and head at every point. You adjust the seat to lean back or sit up for the right viewing angle. The best thing? You can stretch out your legs — like a boss! Surprisingly not many working desk chairs are made like this.

A PS2012 dropleaf table to create a flip-up keyboard desk that opens up to let you enter the workstation. The IKEA Besta Burs shelving unit is cut up to use as shelving along the sides of the game cube.

You’ll also need a 1m 1 1/4″ (32mm) steel channel to reinforce the Glivarp legs, a monitor swivel mount, 4 castor wheels to be fixed under the Glivarp structure, and a truckload of bolts and brackets.

Definitely not an IKEA hack for the faint-hearted. It’s unique, and way left-field thinking. It is intriguing to see how it all comes together as he documents the build process.

See how Marcus completed the construction of the Gaming Cockpit in this 2-part YouTube video below.

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