Kitchen island dining table

So I just moved to this small apartment and I needed a small dining table but I didn’t find something I liked so I decided to make my own IKEA Hack table. The items I used were these:

1 -KALLAX Shelf unit, black-brown

Price: 35.99$


2 – CAPITA Leg, stainless steel (4 pack)

Price: 12.00$


3 – TORNLIDEN Table top, pine veneer (59″ x 29 1/2″ )

Price: 59.99$


4 – OLOV Leg, adjustable, black (3 Legs)

Price: 15.00$ (each leg) 45.00$ total


Instructions are very easy I just added 4 Capita Legs to the Kallax shelf so I can have a higher table than a regular dining table, I installed 3 Olov legs to the TORNLIDEN counter top and then I fixed the counter top to the Kallax shelf with Liquid Nails (you can find it on Home Depot for 4$) and that’s it. I have an original table for less than 200$.

Kitchen island dining table

Final Product

Price: 152.98 US$

Height: 37′ 3″ – 0.94m

If you guy have any questions please let me know.

kitchen island + dining table

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