Strapping KLÄMTARE boxes


  • Ikea: KLÄMTARE, large box, code 702.923.64
  • Few pieces of leather or similar material
  • Blind/POP rivets or similar fasteners


KLÄMTARE is for me the de facto organizational unit. After switching quite a few box families I’ve chosen this set also for my workshop and house and now to the car.

Having a lot of things in the back of my car, especially now, during the winter: straps, hooks, jacks, puncture kits, emergency signaling, ax and shovel and so on I’ve put them all in one big KLÄMTARE box (excepting the shovel which stays in a dedicated rack) but the box was sliding across the floor. There are no predefined strapping/hooking points on this box so I needed to improvise the solution  you see below.


Cut 6 pieces of leather or similar material and punch two holes adequate for the rivet’s diameter. Drill the box and use thin washers on booth sides for stress relief. Use rivets for a nice finish. You can use screws too, but rivets are more aesthetically pleasing for me in this case.

Use the newly formed loops for strapping the box against points in the car’s floor.

Klamtare straps
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