Hackers Help: Can you please measure the KLIPPAN?


Not a hack yet.
I’ve included a sample photo.
I can’t travel to an Ikea store to physically take measurements and IKEA customer service reps just can’t give me an accurate answer.

I’m reaching out to my fellow Ikea Hackers.
If you own both the KLIPPAN “Pouffe Alem” a.k.a. footstool and the KLIPPAN Loveseat, would you be so kind as to please measure on both items the distance from the bottom edge to the top of the seat? (See red lines in photo).

My hack will be to attach (or not) the footstool (or two) to one side of the loveseat to create a lounge section.
The original legs will be replaced with a mid-century tapered wood style leg.

Basically I’d like for all pieces to be at the same level / height.
I’m aware the location and placement / depths for the leg attachment may differ but I have that covered.
Will share and show work when completed.

One very huge thank you!