Simple ideas for cat beds

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Need quick and easy ideas for a kitty bed? Here are two that you can whip up in no time.

#1: Two tiered cat bed

This hack is already a bit of “old school” as the tray table featured in this hack was a seasonal item. However, I just noticed items from PS 2012 collection to have become available again in IKEA Finland, so maybe if we just keep thumbs up, this tray table will find its way back to stores again!

So, what I used for this hack was the TRENDIG 2013 tray table.

I just made cushions to it, and the cat bed was ready to go. And my cats have loved it ever since!

The Moomincats Blog, cat bed, IKEA hack, catification, TRENDIG

Originally, I used GURLI throw as the fabric for the cushions. However, it did not stand the test of time really well, and I sewed new cushions using heavyweight cotton fabric.

#2 Cat box bed

Cats do love boxes, and the smaller size of BULLIG box happens to be perfectly sized for them (not the largest breeds such as maine coons, though). With this simple hack you will get a beautiful and very affordable cat bed. It will look good e.g. on top of your book shelf, if you cat has access there, or it can be modified into window perch as well.

All you need is:

  • BULLIG box, smaller size
  • LEN crib pillow
  • LEN pillowcase, OR if you want to personalize it a bit, buy some fabric you like, and sew a pillowcase

The Moomincats Blog, Cat bed, BULLIG, LEN

Hope you and your furriends enjoy this hack!

~ by Hanna, The Moomincats Blog