IKEA assembly service, Unflatpack

unflatpack IKEA assembly service

Aah, you guys in the UK have a good thing.

Unflatpack is an IKEA assembly service that, well, unflatpacks your flatpacks. You call them, place your order, they go to IKEA, shop your stuff, deliver it and set it up for you.

No manoeuvring of big clumsy carts. No queues. no blisters.

IKEA served on a silver platter. They will even fix up your furniture, if you give up DIY-ing half-way.

Unflatpack provides some customising options too. So if you’re thinking of cutting down a PAX to fit your bedroom wall, talk to them and they can make it work.

ikea assembly service
Image: Unflatpack

Prices seem reasonable for custom work, but of course, the cost can quickly add-up if you require a lot of customisations.

On their website, this is what I found:

Some example items:
  • Basic cutdown per frame: £40
  • Infill for side or wardrobe x 1: £50
  • Above infill for each hinged door area: £40
  • Above infill for 150cm slider: £150
  • Set up 1 off charge for custom work: £50

Yep, this sounds like the IKEA assembly service + hacking on demand experts for those who rather not DIY.

This is not a sponsored post. Post was updated on Aug 5, 2019 to reflect current information.