country quilt cover for klippan

it’s refreshing to see a touch of country in this ikea hack, sent in by adline from malaysia. she used a patchwork quilt instead of the usual klippan slipcovers, with surprising results.

adline writes: “my second hand klippan came with a blue slipcover and unfortunately, i’m not the biggest fan of blue. as an alternative sofa covering, i used a queen sized quilt to protect the seating area. then, i cut a bomull bedspread in half and used the two pieces to cover the arm rests. the look certainly works for me.”

admittedly country is not my thing, though i can see this hack working for me with some other textured/patterned fabric. my concern though is keeping the cover taut and in place. because i’m such a neat freak and can’t live with the messed up sofa look. guess i could staple-gun the ends.

to view more of adline’s klippan, click here.

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