coke bottle lamp

hi! am back from my break. which flew by just too quickly. don’t holidays always feel that way?

anyways, here’s a new one from klaus. i like the retro/vintage feel of this coke bottle lamp and it would look great mounted in the kitchen or bar area.

basically, what you need is an ikea rationell pot lid rack, a long filament tubular incandescent bulb (ie. linestra lights. klaus found his at a hardware store, complete with mounting, for about $10) and 12 small contour coke bottles.

how to:

  1. cut the horizontal bits out of the lid holder
  2. bend it until the sides are parallel. click for steps.
  3. mount lamp on wall, mount holder around it
  4. bend the spokes to point almost straight up, and stick the bottles in.

experiment with bottles of different colours and shapes and you may get even more surprising results.