ted’s terrific sideboard

i’m loving this sideboard sent in by ted. sleek, sexy, and if i may say so, almost un-ikea, if not for the giveaway capita legs.

ikea akurum“i ‘hacked’ the ikea akurum kitchen wall cabinets to create a sideboard. originally the sideboard was wall mounted 8″ off the floor, which was a nice sleek effect. after moving twice, it is now on capita legs.

i used the numbar (can’t locate this on the ikea website and also not totally sure of the name) stainless steel doors which are not normally listed for the wall cabinets. since they are the same size as some of the base cabinets, you can just ask them to substitute it instead of the options listed.

i then created an ebony-stained ash-veneered top, trimmed with standard aluminum edging from a hardware store. the sides are stainless steel which was custom cut and bent by a kitchen supply store in williamsburg, brooklyn. they were attached with high-tack epoxy.

The ash wood was used to create the table top. The stainless doors were kept as is. The wood top was trimmed along the edges with the aluminum to make it more finished and to coordinate with the stainless doors. “

and the result is simply gorgeous. understated, elegant and fits the nook beautifully.
Jules Yap