little umbrellas, big light

another lamp hack from zieak’s craftster list. this one’s from lil jammer and it makes you wanna order a mai tai.

drink umbrella lamp looks great when it’s off 

or on!

there are 2 ways to skin this lamp.

  1. lil jammer trimmed about half the stick off the umbrellas, poked them into the ikea paper lantern (i’m guessing it’s the ikea regolit) and rolled the sticks in scotch tape from the inside to stop them from falling out.
  2. a craftster reader suggested applying glue on the underside of the umbrellas, sticking them through and cutting away the stems from inside. use low-heat glue as white glue won’t cut it for thin paper and hot glue just burns through.

but if you’re not the crafty type, you can also buy similar lamps from look out for one more lamp hack tomorrow. link.

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