hang up your tv

james has this awesome idea for mounting your television set on float mode. also included are shelves for home theatre peripherals neatly tucked under. i love its clutter-free good looks and how amazingly space saving it is.


“since the wall i wanted to mount my tv to is only a 1” drywall, it would not hold up my tv. therefore, i devised a way to use the ikea stolmen wardrobe system to hold my tv. very simple and an awesome way to remove the clutter of cables to/from the tv to peripherals.

lcd tv mountthe tv is a 32″ lcd tv and i used this peerless smart mount (pic). the rear plate of the mount is supposed to be attached to a wall but since my wall won’t support the weight of the tv, i chose to use the stolmen rails. the rear plate is attached to the two rails by 6 1/4″x2″ hex bolts. if you look at the picture of the tv mount, there are also two vertical pieces; those are screwed into the back of the
tv. then you just hook the two vertical rails to the rear plate. real simple, very sturdy, and looks great!”

taking a cue from here, you can easily build an entire home theatre display unit from the stolmen series. best thing is, simply add more shelves and poles if your set grows.


jacob’s version (updated 30 april 2008)

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