bonde lighting

if you need to light up your bonde bookcase, this hack will do it for you. aj used the trettionen interior lighting strips inside his bonde bookcase to shine a little light on his barware.



“i’ve recently put up some bonde cabinets and i did a minor hack: i drilled holes through the upper corners of each cube with a 1/2″ bore bit and installed the trettionen lighting strips inside the 4-cube sections fronted by frosted glass/aluminium doors. it really makes the whole piece seems ‘lighter’, pun unintended. i then ran all the power cables to a series of adapters housed inside an older, low bonde cabinet, wiring access handled with a 3″ hole saw.”

lighting it right makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? link.
see aj’s flickr photoset for the interior life of designers pool.