help! can’t find karlanda ‘add on unit’

i purchased a karlanda couch and ‘add on unit’. the couch came, the add on unit never did. after waiting for almost a year for my order to come in i was informed it would not ever, as it was discontinued.

so, now i have a couch and what i need is a sectional. also note, my couch is a slipcover, not leather. i have looked everywhere. perhaps readers of this site can help?” – darcie

not sure what you mean by a ‘sectional’ but i am assuming that it is kinda like an extra big footstool that you can place against your sofa to extend it. if it’s discontinued, you may want to try craigslist or ebay for a used one. or perhaps try some of the other footstools such as the arild for size?

but i am more inclined to go without a ‘sectional’, since it would be difficult to find a perfect fit. how about adding an armchair if you require more seating or the ever popular poang plus footstool if you need to put your feet up. anyone else?

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