kitchen units turn home office

i’ve always thought that the ikea kitchen system could double as a home office system too. jennifer proves it for me here with the leksvik kitchen units (can’t locate it on ikea’s website). (update: jennifer wrote me on an error – it isn’t the leksvik but the liljestad kitchen system.)

mine“we’ve used them to create an office area at the end of our dining room. we added a worktop from another store as ikea didn’t have one in the right colour. the trick with the base units is to attach the blocks but not the legs – if you put the legs / plinth on too then they become too tall. the blocks alone ensures the doors can open easily (clear of floor) and the worktop is the right height for a desk. we do still need to add a strip of moulding along the front to hide the downlighters, it must be said.”

Jules Yap