light up with this room divider

coralie wrote me some time ago and told me about her ikea dunker project and i’ve been waiting to see the end product ever since.

the dunker is this big flat lamp with a fabric shade, which does double duty as a room divider of sorts. at first glance, it ain’t much but should you give it some love, the dunker can turn into a quite a looker. (interestingly, you can connect up to 3 dunkers to form a large divider, with a light dimmer when you need to turn down the mood.)

coralie wrote, “i bought this lamp, the dunker, from ikea and quite liked it, except for the fact that it was rather plain and looked kind of stark white sitting there next to the couch … so i covered it. i got the fabric, one of the annabella hemmed fabric range, also from ikea.

i used the same technique they used for the plain cover with the top piece shaped, then having it pulled tight underneath with velcro.

initially i was thinking i’d cover the whole thing, but when i draped the hemmed fabric over it as it was, just to see if it was going to work, i realised it looked quite nice with the sides being uncovered.