some times it works better upside down

eric of modernself sent me this lovely hack on the alang table lamp, deftly modified into a pendant lamp. i must say it is simply perfect – the alang table lamp has a textured paper shade which is a gorgeous match to his room. and at $29.99 a lamp, it definitely delivers a lot of bang.


here’s how he did it. “first you unscrew the base of the lamp and the little wing nut on the side. then you have to cut the electrical plug on the end, or you won’t be able to get the wire out. but since you are going to hardwire this, it won’t make a difference.

next you will need to remove whatever fixture in the ceiling that you will be replacing. but make sure you turn the breakers off first! when you remove the old fixture there should be a few wire nuts up there to use with your lamp. after you have removed your old lamp from the ceiling there will probably be a big nasty hole left behind, so you will want to cover that up with a Lamp Holder Cover. remember that for when you go to the hardware store, because they will know what it is.

i cut a hole in my lamp holder cover right in the middle to let the wires come out. because i needed two pendant lamps i used a wire cover cut to the right length to give them just enough separation. finally you need to tuck everything away so that it looks neat.”

eric used 50W Reveal Spot bulbs to give a downward focused light which lends to the moody ambience. besides that, he also gained a nice byproduct from this hack – a set of classy tealight holders from the table lamps’ base.


and i’m sure the fantastic geometric wall design caught your eye too, as it did mine. i almost couldn’t believe that it was diy and not wallpaper. rub your eyes and look again for it is! check out how eric and friend painted the wall here.