peek-a-boo billy

here’s a fresh take on the ubiquitous billy bookcase. vincent had a white billy bookcase that he refused to dump or sell when he moved to a smaller apartment. so what’s left to do but hack it?


“the hack includes a white billy bookshelf, a small pint of acrylic green paint and two vattern doors. there are two reasons why i used shorter vattern doors. the first is to create a contemporary and unique look. the doors are intended NOT to cover all of the contents of the billy. the overall effect is to give a glimpse or tease of the interesting books i have. the second reason is to avoid installing puller handles to open the doors. by leaving a gap, i can easily open the open doors by pulling on the side.


the center portion of the billy displays dessert plates and hopefully a set of interesting tea pot and accessories, if we eventually find ones we like.”