things to do with a solsta pallbo footstool

the humble solsta pallbo footstool is more versatile that you think. a little imagination is all it needs.

1. give it a new look like what lynn did
“i have my own little baby ikea hack from a while ago. they had a bright lemon yellow floor sample solsta pallbo footstool on sale. i can’t recall how much it was, but it was far less expensive than a new one. i had some fabric at home that i’d been holding for the right project and i new this was it! the fabric is a crushed black cotton velvet. i’m really happy with it!”


2. stow a media player like how rick johnson did it


“i have a computer that i was using for a media player and it looked really dumb beside the tv. i decided to stuff the computer into the footstool. now the computer doesn’t look totally out of place in the room and a dvd drive in the side of the footstool is a good conversation starter.

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