adding a spacer to the lack tv bench

what do you do if your ikea tv bench are a tad too low? frank serritelli hacked 2 lack tv benches so that the tv sits higher and their tv addict pug can’t reach the screen, presumably to chase cars.

“our solution was to combine 2 of these. we assembled the first one per the instructions. the second one we built without the legs. i then took 1×2 oak boards cut to go under 3 sides for the spacer. i stained the oak mocha brown and spray polyurethaned it. i then attached this spacer with glue and screws to the underside of the top unit and placed the whole assembly on top of the first.”


402938180_6c00bc4175_o 402938182_02b8eb9372 402938178_5a7b1fb00a


looking good, frank.

Jules Yap