bonde kitchen storage

why be limited to the faktums and akurums for your kitchen? martin kopplow of braunschweig, germany shows us how you can have good looking kitchen cabinets with the bonde.

i took two narrow high bonde birch verneer bookcase with white glass doors, rotated them 270°, cut away/replaced their back to fit around the chimney, and fixed them to the wall about eye high in our kitchen.



i also added some fittings to the doors which will now swing open upwards, to keep them open if desired, and of cause put in a few reinforcment screws so the boards (which are now vertical) would take the load from the wall hooks. in one of the 270° bonde (the one that goes ’round the chimney) i made large cutouts, added a new back and a horizontal board to take our collection of spices, which i painted to match the doors. looks great and works fine!

there’s one wall (left hand of the image) covered completely with bonde cupboards, so the two ‘bonde 270’ fit in well. the area round the oven is still under construction and needs some tiling, though.”

nice ikea hacking, martin.