i promise not to run around like a whacka tourist

ulurumajor digression in this post. that’s because i’m in the midst of researching my big outback adventure and decided to pick the brains of those of you who have been to oh-so-delectable-mr-jackman‘s homeland or lucky devil you, actually shared the same air space with him in his pre-hollywood days.

i’ll be down under for 2 weeks in july. sydney for a week’s conference and then, 7 footloose days in alice springs, uluru and darwin, not necessarily in that order.

the last time i was in sydney, i totally didn’t know where to head for great food and got lost trying to find the famed australian-melt-in-your-mouth steak. is it true? is it really droolworthy? please tell me it’s not a myth.

also, is it a good time for the outback in july? what are the must see’s and do’s? besides the spectacular uluru of course. should i do the harley davidson or the 4WD trip? barbecued kangaroo or grilled croc? hugh or julian? decisions, decisions. but oh what fun.

whacka: australian for idiot

Jules Yap