ikea party invitation hack

not only ikea furniture gets hacked. the assembly instruction manual is also fair game. ann wiens from chicago hacked it into an office party invitation.

“i work at an arts and media college in chicago, and my office mate and i outfitted our former-storage-closet-turned-office with ikea furniture and accessories. it’s a great office. we even made a point of learning the actual ikea name for everything.

so, when office holiday party time rolled around, i hacked a strala lamp instruction booklet to make the invitation. i replaced the instructions for putting the lamp together with the info about the party, and the warning about how to avoid electrocution and such with:

CAUTION: serious injury and disaffection may occur with inadequate socialization within the office during the holidays. to reduce the likelihood of ennui and seasonal cheerlessness, take care to attend this fabulous party.

InvitationFront InvitationInside


and the ubiquitous ikea help-line picture, as you see, is replaced with food and drink images.”