a neat little kitty box

any pet owner will tell you that ‘smells’ is an issue. annemarie found a way to handle it with a simple ikea hack.

“after moving into a cozier apartment than my old one, i had neighbors complain about ‘cat smells’ coming from my unit. i had no where to put my litter box but right near the door! there was no way i was going to leave an open cat box in the living room, right?

enter: ikea media storage system (circa 2003). it’s not listed anymore, so i can’t find the exact name.

i took out the middle shelf and put it on top of my oven as extra counter space. then i plucked out the piece of glass from the small door and sanded down the edges and took out the little pins that held the glass in. viola! cat door. the litter box fits inside, and so does all of its accessories. now the cats just crawl through the door, get their privacy, and nobody knows the difference. it can even get a little messy and it’s not a pain.”