convert a vestby bed frame to a bookcase

andy built this low slung bookcase from his ikea vestby bed frame. great repurposing of old furniture.


“i needed a low, long bookshelf, and was unable to find one to buy, so i decided to do a conversion project with my old bed, and it worked out great!


it was quite simple, and made really efficient use of the materials the vestby was comprised of. pictured below (left) are the six, six-inch long pieces of wood that were the only pieces salvaged from the original vestby (right) that i didn’t use in the bookshelf. i used everything else, including all the hardware, and only needed to buy a box of screws to finish the project.IkeaHack4 IkeaHackOriginalthis project was actually quite cost-effective as well. the vestby costs $59 CDN, and the pine itself would cost about $70 to buy at home depot, according to my estimate.”