Gorm kitchen storage

i’ve always been fascinated with a larder full of food and enjoy ransacking my friends’ kitchens just to see the brands they buy. advertising research, heh. terry’s gorm kitchen storage unit had me squinting quite a bit to read those tiny labels.

“i wanted a quick cheap way to fix my food-storage shelving. in order to stack small cans and bottles, i needed to prevent them from falling out the back. on a whim i bought two pieces of 2ft x 4ft pegboard at home depot. (if you can fit a larger board in your car, you can buy 4ft x 8ft pegboard.) there were two kinds of pegboard; this silvery one was cheaper, about $2-$3 each.



amazingly enough, the holes on the pegboard lined up both vertically and horizontally (with one exception, explained below). i attached the board using long screws/bolts and nuts with fender washers (big flat washers with small screw holes) so the screw head wouldn’t slip through the pre-drilled shelf hole. the screws need to be long enough to go through the washer, the gorm upright, and the pegboard. the 1-1/4″ screws i bought were too short; i had some 2″ screws that worked but were a little long. also, here’s the only tricky part: that cross brace that aligns the system can get in the way depending on where it is affixed; best to affix it after installing the pegboard, if you have a choice.

trickier still: this is where you discover that you didn’t quite get the shelving square when you affixed that cross brace. the very bottom pegboard holes did not quite match the upright holes, but this was due to a slight sideways skew of the shelving.



the cans under the pegboard helped to hold it in place while i installed the screws. voila, finished shelving with two pegboards attached. of course, this could be handled more elegantly with more forethought, but I’m happy with the result – and the cost.