news: bemz’s serendipity slipcovers

if you have ikea sofas but don’t want to be stuck with the limited selection of slipcovers, then bemz is the place to go.

Bemz is a Swedish company that designs slipcovers for Ikea sofas and chairs. They recently released a new collection – Serendipity, inspired by Sweden’s 18th century Gustavian style.
serendipity 07 serendipity 14

“We noticed that Rococo themes are definitely in vogue right now, so we invited our designer, Katarina Wiklund, to create an update of traditional Gustavian Swedish designs,” says Bemz founder Lesley Pennington. “The new collections are available in 100 percent cotton and a luxurious linen and cotton blend from Belgium.”

the collection features rich, opulent, rococo-inspired floral prints and traditional swedish stripes and checks. i like the gustavian flowers on the tomelilla armchair best (pix below). i can imagine it looking really good in my reading nook.


but at €109.89, i have to settle for ikea’s slipcovers for the masses for now.
see more of bemz’s serendipity slipcovers.