malm headboard gets makeover

a quick change of a bed headboard makes a big difference. here’s what matthew did to his malm headboard.

“i bought the ikea malm bed a couple of years ago and after a month or two grew bored of… well, its boringness. i was trying to think of a way to add some excitement and tie together the colors of my room. the bedspread was black, the bed was oak and the walls were an unpaintable white.


using a piece of plywood, a 2″x3″ and some sheets of thin crafting foam i created a gradient effect on the headboard, going from the black of the bed to the white of the walls. (there’s a lot more black on the bottom but the pillows and mattress ended up covering it.) i extended it above the original headboard to break up the lines of the bed. the foam was great because it provided padding when used the headboard as a backrest.

unfortunately i was laid off from my job and had to move back home. i sold all my furniture including the bed so this hack is now floating around philadelphia somewhere.”