pronomen set of 3 coffee tables

marc, aka roamingstudio, [via the ikeafans forum] sent me his set of coffee table and side tables, bjorna style.


“the image is from our lounge area… and shows three coffee tables i created a few years ago. the surfaces are birch from the ikea pronomen range – 2 x 65cm x 60cm and 1 x 60 x 120cm. the legs and sides are formed from lengths of beech which we found easily in our local diy store.


the dimensions of the legs are 4 x 4cm about 50cm high. the sides lengths are 9cm x 1.5cm thick: 48cm for the width and 108cm for the length. this puts the legs in the same corner positions as the bjorna table. note: you will need to modify these dimensions for the newer range of pronomen (similar to numerar) surfaces.


once assembled, i sanded the surfaces down, and used a wood oil (not ikea) which was yellow in colour. this has the effect to turn the birch/beech into a nice warm honey colour – perfect in late afternoon sunshine.

when i have time i will modify the sides of the large coffee table to take one of the sliding drawer mechanisms – either from the ikea kitchen range; or from the effektiv series. this would allow a small drawer to be inserted into the coffee table.”

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