a floating charging station

a charging station that lifts all the wires and cables off the floor and displays all your gadgets at the same time. a neat idea!

hans of sweden needed a new place for his phone and all sorts of rechargeable stuff. the old solution gathered a lot of dust, was low and took up a lot of floor-estate in his hallway.

the old solution

“after going thru most parts of the ikea catalogue i finaly found a solution. it’s a billy cd-shelf insert for its bookcases, it’s a discontinued product but i managed to get one. since it’s meant to be inserted into a bookshelf all edges are raw so i painted them in the same color as the wall.

Bricks Brick

i also drilled out some bricks out of a piece of wood so that i could get a space between the shelf and the wall – very useful for hiding cables, the bricks are also painted in the same color as the wall. i’m very pleased with the result. i might even add lights to the back of it to really make it hover.”

NewShelf1 NewShelf2

Jules Yap