inspiration: moritz’s red and white studio

while i sort out the next batch of hacks to post, i thought i’ll just quickly share some fresh eye candy. this is from moritz of germany who shares my love for ikea and mitch albom.

the dunker light cum room divider (i can no longer find it on ikea’s website) looks great lined up in a row.

100_0956 100_0957 100_0953 100_0954 100_3929

“in the summer of 2005 i renovated my room totally and i nearly bought everything (of course) at ikea. i didn’t hack the furniture; i just took care, that they fit well with each other.

the only 2 furniture which are not from ikea are the bed and the cupboard on which the tv stands. and the metal-palm tree, of course (which was crafted by a local artist).”