projection tv entertainment center

arthur was searching for an entertainment center for his super sized JVC projection tv. they were either too small, too large or not tall enough and they all cost in the neighborhood of around $2,800.00.

so, he hacked his entertainment center two billy book cases and two lack shelving units instead.

“to fit our available wall space, and to fit just right around our tv, i cut the two lack units down to 56 5/8 inch and filled in the cut end with a white-faced board cut to fit. because the units have a thin masonite skin reinforced with very thin corrugated paper, i also placed a piece of 1/2 inch plywood on top the lower unit, painted to match and trimmed with a piece of plastic edge trim used for edging sheet rock to give it a finished appearance, and the strength to hold the heavy tv.

i attached the upper lack unit to the wall at a height just above the tv. The lower unit is supported by eight of the 6 inch, adjustable, stainless steel legs sold by ikea for use with the units when used horizontally, but stands about 4 inches out from the wall to accommodate the depth of the tv. the billy bookcases are secured to the wall so as not to tip over, but are located 4 inches out from the wall to hide the side of the tv. i used a PVC 1″x4″ (available at lowes) as a spacer between the bookcases and the wall to keep them at this distance.

total cost of the project, including the stainless steel legs and tax, about $280.00, a savings of over $2,500.00.”