roo rules

hey there, i’m back.

sorry for not being posting much the last week or so. some places we went to didn’t have internet connection or the terminal was down or i was just too shagged (oops!) tired (most of the time) to post anything.

many of your comments were also held up pending my verification. they are released now. thanks for your patience, i should be back on track this week.

the last 14 days were a good lesson on how to manage my blog when on holiday. anyways, work, blogging and all those niggling things aside, i had an amazing time in aust.

the big rock was surreal. watching it ‘come alive’ with the rising sun is some thing everybody should do at least once in their lifetime. very humbling.

may post some photos later on, once i sort out my emails, work and my almost ‘starved-to-death-guppies’.