light table

jason diy-ed a compact lightbox with an ikea shelving unit.

“i bought a nian (can’t find link on ikea website) lighted shelving from ikea. hacked it up and made a light table out of it. first thing i did was insert some foil inside the shelving unit under the light source. it increased the EV of the light (with dome) from 10 to 11.5. the pedestal base’s from an old halogen floor lamp.

lightboxlightboxthe pen holders are made from the remaining pipe from the halogen lamp, cut up with a pipe cutter. then attached with leftover holes from the wooden assembly, and taped up with foil tape. the tubes stay up with a strip of lexan bolted to the shelving brackets included with the shelf. i added some extra support for the pipe under the storage unit, and added the CD spindle case to cover the screws sticking up. it also doubles as a spacer for the storage compartment.”

click to view jason’s lightbox photos on flickr.

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