lots of photos? here’s an easy way to show them off


rose creates a gallery of photographs with the very cheap raket frames.

rose says, “my raket frame collage is made of 56 4″x6″ raket frames – 3 for $1.50. all i did was mount four 9-foot-long strips of 1″ thick wood to my dining room wall, and slide in the frames. i like that the color and precise dimensions of each frame varies, and that i can switch out my pictures at any time because the frames aren’t mounted to anything, they just rest between the strips of wood.”

[added 27 May 2008]

allie’s photo collage
she gles a bunch of ikea nyttja frames using superglue and then strips of duct tape as reinforcement. some frames are arranged next to each other and some layered on top. just remember to leave enough room to access the back of the frames so you can change the photos.

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see more on her blog.

Updated! February 25, 2009
Amy wanted to created a wall collage like the ones using the Ram frames.


Amy says, “I painted them and mapped out their arrangement first with graph paper, then with painter’s tape on the wall. If I had to do it again, I’d probably use a big sheet of butcher paper on the floor, mark the places for the frames on the paper, and then hang the paper on the wall and nail the hangers/hooks through the paper.

IMG 1869IMG 2906

Using painter’s tape to mark the placement of the frames on the wall took time, but it was worth it! I spent about $35 on frames instead of ten times that by buying a system of frames.

IMG 2908

Click to see more of Amy’s Ram frames wall collage.

Jules Yap