start your day with coffee in bed

at the rate i am failing at trying to wake up early, i should be making sven’s bedside table with coffee maker hack. a piping hot cup of coffee ready the moment my alarm clock rings. waking up to the smell of coffee … heaven!

sven says, “the starting point was that my girlfriend wants a coffee in the morning to wake up. and i do not feel like getting up every morning before her to make this coffee. this hack is based on the benjamin stool from ikea, the electro-boy timer and a coffeemaker, so she can now decide at what time the coffee is ready in the morning.

the coffeemaker was partly changed and integrated into the benjamin. then it was directly branched to the electro-boy timer. in the timer is still another socket left in the timer to plug in a light or radio. now you can programme the timer, load the coffeemaker and you will have coffee and light/music to wake up in the morning. another important thing is that i put an additional switch that makes the coffeemaker work only with a cup in it. that avoids flooding your sleeping room accidentally.

DSC00318 DSC00322

in the pictures you see the coffee-making version and the “light” version on the other side of the bed.”