the music cube plays on

deborah from australia unearths this ancient hack. i have never seen the music cubes, so it’s great seeing some thing from way back then.

“i took this pic (below) last year because i planned to sell them – that’s why it looks so tidy. however i just cannot part with these cabinets because they are so useful and solid – none of that sagging plastic-coated cardboard you get today.white_cabinets music-cube

they were known as music cubes (right, a sketch of what it used to look like). the top could be removed and used as a shelf inside so they could stack. like the shelves, it didn’t go right to the back, so cables would hang down inside the cabinet and not get dusty – which is why i love them. the back stops short of the floor, so you can get an electricity cable inside.
they are so old – i bought mine about 14 years ago in the annual sale as they were phased out – they came with an optional plastic cover for your turntable.
i used them as open cabinets for a few years to house my cpu, powerboards etc, but got sick of having to get down on the floor to wipe under them. you could easily see the dust because the vacuum cleaner couldn’t get in. also i bought a new mac and the cpu was too deep to fit with all the peripheral cables sticking out.
so i went to a kitchen place and from one sheet of laminate 1200 x 2400 (4×8) they cut one single big top, four doors with cup holes drilled for the hinges (all edge banded) and two little plinths to infill the fronts.
the two cabinets are 1220 x 650mm or about 4 x 2 feet – and still used for electronics and powerboards.”

deborah also shared this cute little tip, if you collect glass eggs. the fler candle holder is just right for displaying them!