unclutter with a norrebo unit

erik from sweden found the norrebo shelving unit perfect for hiding computer cables and wires.

erik writes: “i needed a way to manage a cluster of wires and cables from computer items and modified an ikea norrebo shelving unit to do the job. first, i drilled holes into the top of the unit for ventilation.
CIMG3388 (Medium)

then, i drilled four large holes using a door lock drill bit to pass the wires in and out.
CIMG3384 (Medium) CIMG3385 (Medium) CIMG3387 (Medium)

i added a power strip to the back using black tie wraps.

CIMG3389 (Medium) CIMG3392 (Medium) CIMG3390 (Medium) CIMG3391 (Medium)

it neatens and still makes everything readily accessible.”

update! ryan’s version using the norrebo drawer unit.
“i saw the ‘unclutter with a norrebo unit’ post, and thought it was a great idea. then i saw ikea has another version of the cube with drawers instead of the front flap thing. so i did about the same thing as the original poster, minus the ‘vents’ in the top. it worked out perfectly. the bottom drawer now houses our wireless router and the cable modem, and the top drawer has magazines we used to keep in a basket beside our couch. as an added bonus, we now also have some place to put the remotes so they are not sitting on the coffee table all the time.
1 (2) 2 (2) 3 (2)
i used 1-3/4 inch door lock drill bit to drill the 3 cable holes, and then used a smaller bit for the zip ties. you have to make sure the cable holes are between the top of the rear end of the bottom drawer, and the bottom of the rear end of the top drawer. the third hole is really there just to give it a bit more air.

also, i had to make sure that the ‘zipper’ part of the zip ties were on the inside and rotated to the top to make it a little more refined and so that the top drawer would close completely.

and last, make sure you are using a corded drill or a fully charged cordless version. mine was running out of juice, and make a small mess of the ‘white’ side of the back piece; the ‘paint’ flaked off a bit around the holes.”